A business is nothing without the people that hold it together, and at LinkNow Media, we have a lot of glue! It’s always fun to get insight into what someone’s day at work might be like, especially when they are doing a different job than you. So, we put the word out and received some great responses!

The Work Day

While some in the office are morning people, Nathan is definitely not—thanks to Netflix. His morning entails a good amount of hitting the snooze button, complaining about the weather, and cursing through traffic.

But by the time he picks up his favorite latte with an espresso shot on the way to work and lets out all that negativity, he’s ready to go for the day.

Nathan keeps his workspace clean like a haircut with nothing cluttered around to distract him. Aside from coffee of course.

As a design assistant, throughout the day he communicates with clients via email and phone call, builds relationships, and assures that designs meet and exceed the vision and expectations of clients.

The Support Group

Nathan uses his breaks to catch up with colleagues, but he believes that work always comes first. So, if taking a break is not necessary he won’t do it. In fact, he enjoys staying past 5pm to make sure that his inbox is clean and ready to go for the next day.

That being said, the only thing that can completely ruin his day is forgetting his lunch.

LinkNow Media is a place that Nathan enjoys working at due to the great staff and the new things he learns every day. These things will benefit him in his future career goals! From knowing the steps of building successful websites to speaking with clients in dozens of different work fields and receiving important insights into their work.

The best thing about Nathan’s coworkers are that they’re easy-going, friendly, and very helpful.

In Conclusion

When asked to wrap it up with a final statement, Nathan stated: I’m very grateful to be working for a great company that gave me the opportunity to show my skills and help me grow as an individual, by undergoing a process of learning and executing new things every day!

Nathan’s three keys for success in the Design department:

  1. Customer Relations – Don’t treat clients as numbers, but as peers and colleagues. After all, both party’s input and work are necessary in order to achieve a final result. One thing that simplifies it is getting to know each client as a person.
  2. Punctuality & Organization – Be on time and make sure communication is done as scheduled.
  3. Attention to Detail – A website is like your storefront, if it is being used to attract new business or just serve as a portfolio, all the minor edits must be found and handled, including the procedures on our end. I’m a perfectionist and I love to investigate, which makes me the bloodhound when it comes to getting to the core of something.