A business is nothing without the people that hold it together, and at LinkNow Media, we have a lot of glue! It’s always fun to get insight into what someone’s day at work might be like, especially when they are doing a different job than you. So, we put the word out and received some great responses!

The Work Day

She may live an hour way from work, but to her it’s well worth it. She starts every morning by having her first coffee of the day while simultaneously texting her friend to grab Starbucks for when she arrives at work. Meet Lucie: She’s a coffee addict.

After the coffee situation is sorted, she does all the normal stuff: getting dressed, makeup, and playing with her babies…her hairless cats who she is very much in love with! After rushing to the bus, she arrives at work where she has her second coffee while waiting for her Starbucks.

Everyone, meet Pilot (gray) & Pebbles (speckled)

Lucie isn’t very picky about her workspace. As long as it’s clean and spacious she can work efficiently. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t make it her own though, with bejeweled water cups, colorful pens, fidget spinners, planted cacti, and a small rainbow stuffed poodle named Snow Cone. These things make her workspace comfortable.

Lucie likes to point out that she’s Design Assistant for THE best designers at LInkNow Media: Jonah, Tom and Gustavo. Every morning she helps them start their day on a good note, assigns them work, and makes sure prior work has been completed. She then replies to clients, checks to make sure work is being done properly, and emails clients when any changes to their site have been completed.

Not much can happen to ruin her day. Working as a Design Assistant at LinkNow Media comes with a great work environment. But if anything does bother her, it’s when the internet runs slower, impeding her work. Thankfully this rarely happens!

The Support System

LinkNow Media employees work hard, and play hard! During breaks, Lucie grabs some more coffee and sits with her friends from the Customer Service floor. They laugh and talk, and never let a break pass without giggling about something. While she sometimes skips a break to prioritize work, she doesn’t do so unless it’s necessary.

Her favorite thing about the people she works with is that everyone is a lot of fun. None of them take life too seriously. Even when she’s occasionally had a bad day, her coworkers can always brighten her mood. Everyone from every department adds their own special touch to LinkNow Media, with a lot of different personalities and qualities. Lucie thinks it’s great when everyone comes together as a big team. But the Design Team is of course, without a doubt, her favorite people.

In Closing

To finish off the interview, Lucie wanted to state: “I think I have made it clear that this place is the place to be. But I am also super thankful to my team, my clients, manager, boss and coworkers for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it all.”

Lucie’s three keys for success in the Design Department:

  1. Don’t stress. Some days are harder than others. Long and busy. But most days are great with great clients. Bad days will always pass!
  2. Be kind to everyone. Clients? Colleagues? Managers? Each are equally important.
  3. Have fun! It’s important to take your job seriously but it’s also important to have fun too. Simple as that!