Lucas Weiss

Lucas Weiss Senior Web Consultant

The environment is amazing, it’s such a fun sales floor. The shenanigans never stop!

The sales floor at LinkNow Media is about three things. Selling. Making money. Having fun.

We’re looking for the ambitious and the bold. Those who know how to get what they want. And those who want to learn.

Sounds like you? Shoot us your resume!

A Fun, Fast-Paced Environment to Hone Your Sales Skills

Are you tired of high-pressure, high-stress sales jobs in Montreal? Do you want to look forward to work in the morning and leave with a smile in the evening? Do you want to join a dynamic team of genuine sales professionals?

Quit dreaming and join the team.

We’ve worked hard to create an energetic and collaborative work environment specially designed to help you succeed. With in-depth on-the-job training and a support system to help you continually improve, a sales job at LinkNow Media is the perfect career move.

Never had an inside sales job before? No problem. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Get paid to learn the tricks of the trade!

Make Over $5000.00 Per Month at the Best Sales Rep Job in Montreal

We love rewarding talent. We love rewarding success.

And with our daily bonuses and a generous commission structure, you’ll be lining your wallet and heading straight to the bank.

Not only that, but our top performers get to spin the wheel to win even bigger prizes—including a jackpot that grows week-by-week!

Jarett Aaron

Jarett Aaron Senior Sales Manager

Looking for an Entry-Level Sales Job? Try Our Lead Generation Team!

Lead generators contact as many potential clients as possible and get their contact information. They open the sales opportunity. They lay the groundwork for the sale. They make the sale possible.

The more clients they connect with, the more cash bonuses they leave with.

It helps that the opening sales team gets to work with the most enthusiastic managers at LinkNow. They’re constantly coming up with new games to play—for even more cash. Honestly, the rest of the office is left wondering, with all the games, cheering, and banter, whether they even have time to work!

If you’re looking for an entry-level sales job at an English-only company, get in touch with us!

Mylisa Sherry

Mylisa Sherry Lead Generation Manager

My number one priority is to create a work environment that’s welcoming, supportive, and most of all, fun!

Do You Have What It Takes to Make the Sale?

If there’s one thing that’s true about our sales closers, it’s that they can sell you anything.

Literally. Anything.

Old gym socks? Sold. Antique microwave? Sold.

Expertly designed websites with top-tier digital marketing packages? Definitely sold!!

The sales representatives at LinkNow know our products inside out. They know that they’re worth more than we charge. And they know that the more they sell, the bigger their sales commission is going to be.

Our top sales representatives often make $2000.00 per week with commission and our lowest sellers make around $800.00 per week. The average sales representative at LinkNow Media makes $1300.00 per week—that’s over $5000 per month!

Does that pique your interest? Send us your CV!

Jarett Aaron

Join the dream team!

Maintain Long-Term Sales Relationships with an Account Executive Job

With over 10 000 active clients (and counting!), it’s important for us to maintain high-quality, long-term relationships with our clients.

That’s where our account executives come in. With the charm, patience, and skill of true professionals, they broker complex deals and make big sales. And where there are big sales, there are big commissions.

If you want to take the next step in your sales career toward a professional sales job, the account executive position is for you!

If there’s a job opening, don’t sleep on it. Send us your CV right away!

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