Alana Ruth

Alana Ruth Technical Support Manager

There’s never a dull moment. We’re always adapting and evolving to changes within the platforms and environments we work in.

Is Your Passion for Technology Contagious? Join the IT Team at LinkNow Media!

We’re looking for the problem solvers. The people pleasers. The passionate, the die-hards, the inherently curious.

If you love working with technology and helping people that… don’t, join our IT team today!

Check out our current openings and send us your CV.

Every Killer Website Needs an Awesome Tech Team Behind It!

At LinkNow Media, our goal is to provide small businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of online marketing. We give them all the advantages: a beautiful, responsive website, SEO optimized content, and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. We put them at the fore-front of their industry and the top-spot on the Google search page.

Our IT team makes it all happen. Whether it’s providing external, client-facing support or internal network and hardware support, IT is on the job. 

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Matthew Parisella

Matthew Parisella Level I Tech Support

If You Love Helping People and Fixing Problems, There’s a Tech Support Job for You

Every time we take on a new client, our tech team is there to get them set up. They help our clients with email creation, migration, and set-up on a range of devices. They create, edit, and troubleshoot DNS records. They facilitate domain transfers and SSL installation.

And most of all, they help people who are stuck, frustrated, and maybe a little confused about why their new website isn’t working properly. If you have a great personality and want to work with passionate, like-minded people, our external tech support jobs could be for you!

Do You Want a Hands-On IT Job Building the Infrastructure That Makes Our Business Possible?

As a tech company in Montreal, we need IT support for our own systems as much as for our clients. Our internal IT team makes sure that our computers can run at maximum capacity. They make sure that the telephones never go down and that the servers keep everything in motion.

We love our internal IT team. They’re always happy to help us reboot our computers and retype our passwords!

Technical Support

Tech Support at LinkNow Media Is Different

The fact is, LinkNow Media is different from just about any other tech company out there. We’re all friends. We joke around. We love coming to work in the morning.

And we respect each other. Part of the reason is that, for a company that’s growing so fast, it still feels small. We work closely with one another and know that everyone is a specialist in their area of expertise.

An IT Job That Puts Learning First

For many of our tech support jobs, we can teach you everything you need to know, right here in the office. Experience is always an asset, but it’s not a requirement!

So, whether you’re fresh out of school or looking for a career change, an IT support job at LinkNow Media could be for you. Just show up with passion, motivation, and great people skills!

Apply for an English IT Support Position Today

LinkNow Media is the perfect place to launch your career in IT. Check out our current openings and shoot us a CV!

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