Even the most mundane of jobs require inspiration to get people working their best. Especially when working away at tasks that seem repetitive or uninteresting, as a boss you’re going to need to do something to ensure the atmosphere of your workspace is not dull and dreary.

This can be done through decoration, as well as your own attitude and management style.

Sit back and think for a minute: is your workspace everything it could be? Or could it use a makeover? Given that it’s a new year and all, this could be the perfect time to make a change.

Color Your World

Did you know that color can affect your mood? It’s a scientific fact. Warm, cool, neutral, and primary colors all have different effects on how you feel when you’re surrounded by them.

For example, you’re not going to want to mix primary colors unless you run a daycare. No one wants to feel like they’re at a preschool when they go to work! But used carefully, these colors can be quite useful.

Blue is one of the most popular choices as not only does it invoke a sense of calm, but it is conducive to creativity as well. Even teal can have the same effect. So, especially if you run an artistic company, you’re going to want to keep blue in your wheelhouse.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, red inspires passion and energy. Working in sales? You may not want to create an entire red room but try a statement wall and see what happens.

While many business owners turn to neutral colors for their paint scheme, it’s a good idea to incorporate some color. Pair cool neutrals and blue hues in smaller rooms to make them appear larger and calmer, and combine warm neutrals with reds or golds in a larger space to add an air of intimacy and excitement.

Encourage Your Staff

We all love the feeling of being told we’re doing a good job. Even if you’re not prepared to hand out cash bonuses and raises, there are plenty of ways you can keep your staff inspired by encouraging them.

This year, try your best to build relationships with your staff. Ask them about their day, their week, what their plans are for the weekend. You can remain a boss but still have a connection with the people who work for you.

And, when you see the potential for growth, do your best to help that employee get to where you see them going!

Your Best Year Yet

A workplace that never changes remains stagnant and loses all potential for growth and evolution. Spice up your office space this year with some new paint, decor, and a new attitude.

Ensuring that your employees enjoy coming in to the office every day will affect your company as a whole, and it’s not something you’ll soon regret!