It’s been said, but we’ll repeat it: LinkNow Media is nothing without its fun, multitalented employees. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to introduce you to the people who help make us great every day. In the second chapter of “A Day in the Life…” at LNM, we dive into the profile of lead generator, Angela Ferraro— or Angie, for short. Let’s take a trip down to the Salesfloor.

Good Morning, Angie!”

Like many of us, Angela can’t start her day off right without a fresh cup of joe. Her morning routine starts with fetching herself a coffee from Bagel Bay, the main cafeteria at LNM named for its not-so-secret stash of St-Viateur bagels. While she’s getting her morning dose of caffeine, she waits expectantly for the “Good morning, Angie!” she’ll undoubtedly receive from her colleague, Matthew, who she describes as the Lead Gen spirit animal. Only then is she fully ready to tackle the day.

My Desk Is a Temple

You’ve probably heard the expression “my body is a temple,” but for Angie, it’s her desk. She’s created a positive space for herself to call home while she’s at the office. There, you can find all the treasures of the Seven Seas, a ton of notes that make her smile, and all that good stuff. < “I have everything you can possibly need and more,” she says. So, if you need anything, you know where to find it. It might be time to consider stopping by to say hi…

A Workday à la Angie

For Angie, a typical workday consists of generating leads from all over North America and abroad. She gets in touch with small business owners to show them ready-to-go conversion optimized websites, constructed by our talented Design team. Once she gets into it, there’s no slowing her down. The only thing that can ruin her flow? Her spirit animal not being in that day. (No pressure, Matthew.)

What She Loves About LNM

What Angie loves most about working at LinkNow Media is the great atmosphere and friendly staff. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand – and they have a good time doing it. Especially on the Salesfloor, it’s all about having fun while getting the job done. She loves how the managers know how to keep the team motivated, even when the going gets a little tough. They’re known to keep up employee morale with games, which Angie always enjoys.

Living & Learning at LinkNow Media

In her time at LNM, Angela Ferraro has come to learn a thing or two – and as a result, she no longer has to call on Tech Ninja, Dan, for everything that goes wrong on her computer. On a more serious note, Angie says she feels like she has gained confidence in herself in working at LinkNow. Grateful to be a part of it, she is proud to be passing on what she’s learned to new lead gens joining the team.