If you’re reading this page, you’re probably wondering about your place in the world. After all, there’s so many difficult choices to make about what you’re going to do with your time.

I’m not just talking about what you might plan to do on a Friday night, or even what you want to do with the next month of your life. I’m talking about choosing a career.

While you probably took a course in career selection in school at some point, or maybe even saw a guidance counselor, odds are that was many years ago, and an hour long meeting or an online personality quiz isn’t a great way to determine what you should do for gainful employment.

The average person changes careers at least twice throughout their life. But some many more, and some people know what they want to do from a young age.

However, after so many years in the workforce, it’s clear to me that what really makes someone a good fit for a career isn’t their ideas about what they think they want to do; it’s about their values as a person and how those match up with their workplace.

Like many other things in life, your values define who you are as a person. So it makes sense that they’d have a big impact on your career, too.

But in the world of business, there are very few wrong answers. Stealing is wrong, as is fraud, but preferring a relaxed work environment to a formal one? That’s just a matter of preference.

So whether you’re just out of university or college and you’re eager to join the workforce or you’re feeling stuck where you are and want to embark onto an exciting new career, consider these value questions to help you determine which career is best for you.

Are You a Lone Wolf, Or Do You Like to Work as a Team?

Not everyone wants the spotlight. Some people are perfectly happy sharing credit and collaborating with peers on projects. In fact, we’d say that most people prefer to work as part of a large team.

That’s certainly how we run things at LinkNow Media. We believe everything gets better when you do it together. That’s our driving principle behind what we do—we pool together our resources to make life better for our clients.

That’s why we prioritize fun in the workplace, too!

What Sort of Work Environment Do You Prefer?

Not everyone wants an office as a silent as a library. Some people prefer a casual environment where they can express themselves. Others may find that too distracting or boisterous.

Knowing what you need in a work environment is crucial. If you prefer fast-paced and action-packed, consider joining our team—you’ll be right at home.

Work to Live, or Live to Work?

Sixty-hour workweeks are heaven for some. Others prefer to do what they can, but make sure they prioritize other aspects of their lives too.

Work-life balance is a crucial value for many. If you seek a healthy balance between office time and you time, you may be a great fit for LinkNow Media.

Values Define Who You Are—And Us, Too

If you love working together with others, don’t mind a relaxed environment where you can wear what you like, and you would prefer to spend your weekends hanging out with pals rather than in the office, check out LinkNow Media’s list of current job opportunities—because it sounds like a career in digital marketing will be a perfect fit for your values, too.