A salesperson listens to two prospective customers. Caption says: 10 habits every salesperson needs to succeed. Being a salesperson’s not an easy job, but here at LinkNow, we’re honoured to have many talented ones on our team.

There’s no blueprint for what makes a good salesperson. But we’ve noticed that top performers tend to share several characteristics.

In this post, let’s examine some of these traits that contribute to the success of our salespeople—and how you can incorporate them to become a stellar salesperson yourself.

Here are 5 habits successful salespeople have at LinkNow.

1. Understand Your Product

When prospective customers ask you questions—and they will ask questions—you want to be able to answer them quickly and confidently. Being able to provide accurate information without delay will demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable sales agent and will make your clients more likely to trust you.

At LinkNow, we recognize many of our clients are unfamiliar with web design and digital marketing, which is why our salespeople must be able to explain things in detail to help our customers understand the value of our services.

Listen to Your Prospects’ Needs

If you’re too focused on completing a sale, it can be easy to ignore the needs of your prospect. Being able to actively listen to the concerns of your potential customers and then address them directly will help build rapport and instill confidence in your company.

It’s also a good idea to understand the qualities of an ideal customer. Not everybody is going to need the products or services you’re selling, so developing buyer personas for your clients will help you narrow your focus.

Work Hard and Follow Up

Being in sales is often a numbers game. Taking too long between calls or giving up too early may not seem like a significant loss of productivity time, but this is often what separates good salespeople from exceptional ones. If you utilize your time wisely and never let a potential sale slip through your fingers, your revenue is bound to reflect it.

Don’t Fret Rejection

Even the most successful salespeople have to deal with rejection on a regular basis, but being able to roll with the punches is an important part of the job. Treat every failed sale as a learning opportunity by reflecting on why it didn’t go through and how you could approach the situation differently next time.

Learn From Victories

The best salespeople are able to develop effective, repeatable sales tactics. If a particular sales strategy worked on one of your customers, then there is a good chance it will also work in the future. You don’t have to always fall back on the same formula, but understanding what separates a successful sale from a failed one will help you grow as a salesperson.

Becoming a top-performing salesperson doesn’t happen overnight, but keeping these strategies in mind can help increase your chances of success. Dedication always pays off and rarely goes unnoticed, so keep working hard and your sales will reflect it.
Looking to grow your skills as a successful salesperson? LinkNow’s always on the lookout for new talent. To join our fully remote WFH sales team, head over to our Jobs page to send your application today!