While it is true that nobody sets out trying to be a person their coworkers avoid, the fact of the matter is that for some of us balancing the many responsibilities that come with working in a fast-paced environment combined with being a pleasant and positive coworker are often hard to meet. If this sounds like you, then here are four top tips that will help you present a better and friendlier version of yourself at work.

Greet Your Colleagues With a Cheery “Hello” Each Morning:

If you are plodding into work each morning, eyes fixed on the ground, shoulders slumped and with a nasty scowl on your face, then you are not really doing a lot to be a good team player. More than that, research shows that we are less likely to be as productive when in a bad mood. So, if you want to hit these two birds with one stone, then why not try getting into the habit of starting your day off with a smile and a cheery hello. Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how a smile can turn a frosty office into a friendlier space immediately.

Don’t Neglect Smalltalk:

While it may sound a little tedious at the start, the fact of the matter is that asking your coworkers about their favorite books, films and bands can help form a bond with people you share a work space with for over 40 hours each week. Not only that but being an inquisitive coworker shows a genuine interest and desire to get to know your fellow coworkers which can’t be a bad thing, right?

Avoid Gossip:

While it is true that most people don’t set out in the morning to gossip about their coworkers, the fact of the matter is that it happens far more frequently than you would care to imagine. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t like anyone talking about you behind your back, so it makes sense that you should extend the same courtesy to others. If you are the recipient rather than the creator of the gossip, then why not try change the subject when a coworker starts discussing the personal details of a colleague’s life? Yes, it is true that gossiping may be fun in the short-term but the reality is that by avoiding this nasty habit, you will retain the trust and respect of coworkers in the long run.

Spread Your Good Cheer:

Nobody is saying that you need to be a saint but trying to perform one act of generosity each week is a surefire way of endearing yourself to your colleagues. If you choose a different colleague each week, then you are likely to make a positive impact on an even bigger audience. So, if one week you brought in a coffee for a colleague who was running late, the following week maybe bring in some muffins for everyone to share and enjoy, or maybe a humorous card for a coworker who is having a tough week!