Have you ever gotten into a fight with a friend because you chose to hide out in your apartment or at the office working instead of staying out all night partying? Or maybe, you’re the friend in this case who just doesn’t get why someone would make this choice.

Like the word “introvert”, the term “workaholic” is getting a lot of buzz on social media. Lots of people wear these titles like badges of honor, but are you really a workaholic or do you just have a healthy work ethic? Is being a workaholic distinctively unhealthy?

1. Your “About Me” reads like a resume.

Writing up your Facebook or OKCupid profile? Does it describe your personality, or does it read like a resume?

2. You’ll work anytime, anywhere.

A chance to put in some extra hours and get that beautiful feeling of accomplishment? You’re down anytime. Weekend? Who cares!

3. You don’t take lunch breaks.

Because why waste all that time and risk getting out of your work groove?

4. Work doesn’t cause anxiety, it reduces it.

When everyone else is excitedly waiting for Friday, the thought of all that free time throws you into a tailspin. What are you going to do in order to remain productive? Monday is always a relief.

5. If someone stops you from working, you’re not happy about it.

“Come on, just one more drink!” All workaholics have been there. You’ve agreed to go to an event, but you still want to keep your schedule on track. Inevitably, your friends are going to think it’s a fun time to razz you into staying out longer. Instead of feeling welcomed, you’re going to feel trapped.

6. Your relationships aren’t doing so hot.

Workaholics need to date other workaholics, or not date at all. A workaholic in a relationship with someone who doesn’t understand their drive and would prefer to drift by in life is doomed to failure.

7. You’re quick to become impatient with people.

Small talk? Not in your world. If a conversation doesn’t have a direction with clear results, you don’t see much of a point.

8. You’re tied to your phone.

And it’s not because you’re chatting with friends. Social media? If you’re using it, it’s because you’re running a business page.

9. Stress is a regular word in your vocabulary.

You often find yourself talking about stress with friends and family, even if you’re not sure if you are feeling that way. Being stressed makes you more relatable, and you know if you say you’re feeling that way people will understand you better.

10. You can’t turn it off.

With strained friendships and relationships and an inevitably strict schedule, wouldn’t you want to just turn this off? Even if you want to, you can’t. But as a workaholic, you’re just fine with that.

Some say that being a workaholic is unhealthy, whereas others say it’s a beneficial way to live and those who have this type-A personality will benefit in the long-run.

What it all comes down to is this: You do you! If you feel like you’re thriving with your workaholic lifestyle, keep it up. But if you’re pushing yourself too hard—slow down. Not everyone is built the same, and life is too short to be forcing yourself to do more than you’re able.