group You know what they say, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. So, if you are looking to increase employee engagement and workplace morale, you need to know what needs to be changed. One way to do this is by conducting regular surveys and following through with employee feedback. The key thing here is to survey your team frequently. That way you can change what needs to be changed at once, rather than waiting an entire year to do so. Here’s some advice from LinkNow Media to ensure your business becomes a more enjoyable place to work.

Be Specific

Giving your employees a voice when it comes to the little things goes a long way in making them feel appreciated. And, at the end of the day, it’s the small details that can make all the difference in an employee’s attitude. Something as simple as surveying the quality of coffee you supply at your office can reveal if it needs to be improved. Maybe an extra scoop needs to be added to the coffee maker or perhaps it could do with one less. Either way, your employees will be happy they played a role in the decision-making process, which will make the coffee taste even better!

Track Data

When it comes to surveys, it’s important that you have a way to determine if the changes that you are making are effective. Let’s say that the first survey you get back shows that your employees would like more opportunity to work remotely. If you follow through on their request and allow your employees a certain number of days to work from home, you should also make sure to do a follow-up survey to see how they’re adjusting to the change. It might reveal that they now feel less motivated at work or that they would like more structure. Or, maybe your employees are much happier and are getting much more completed. The fact of the matter is that employees don’t always know what they want, but the only way to determine what they want is by trying out new things.

Compare Departments

If your workplace has multiple departments, then it pays to compare their feedback. If the sales department manager’s team is only giving words of praise and the marketing department manager is receiving harsh criticism, then you know where to direct your energy.

Final Thoughts

Calling team members to your office to discuss areas that need improvement can be intimidating, which may result in them not speaking their minds. Not to mention, it could waste significant amounts of time. The best way to gage how your employees are feeling is by surveying the entire team, taking a step back and making changes. What do you think about surveying employees? Is it an effective way to engage them? Or, is there another way to create a happier workplace? Let us know in the comments section below!