At LinkNow Media, like we like to have fun. It’s as simple as that. It defines the very ethos of our workplace. It’s at the heart of how we build our teams and how we create an engaging office environment.

No department exudes that freewheeling, fun-loving spirit quite like our sales team, where virtually every member comes in every day with a gung-ho, guns-a-blazin’, turn-it-up-to-eleven kind of attitude. It’s electric: a dynamic atmosphere brimming with laughter and excitement.

At the same time, they somehow get their work done. The sales staff are always hitting their targets and earning sweet, sweet commission. And yet they’re still finding the time to enjoy themselves while putting in an honest day’s work.


Work hard, play hard, perhaps? Sure, but there’s more to it than that. Here are four ways that LinkNow’s created a thriving sales force that works hard but still gets to have fun during the day.

1.      We use positive incentives

At LinkNow Media, we use a multi-level commission structure to encourage our staff to work hard and stay motivated. There are hourly bonuses, daily bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, quality-control bonuses—the list goes on.

With so many bonuses available, our sales team has multiple opportunities to succeed and increase their earnings. Even if someone misses their target for a section or for a day, they still have plenty of other chances to make up for it. They know their value and that’s how they stay positive. Even on a bad day.

2.      We turn sales into a game

Rewarding success is one of the cornerstones of our sales team philosophy. Another is the idea of gamification.

We use a daily reward scheme to turn sales into a game. Closed a deal? Generated the most leads in a section? Take a chance at a game of lawn darts (or bean bags, or bowling, or whatever else the management team has cooked up that day). You’ll get a chance to earn even more money on top of your regular commission. It keeps the day varied and exciting, and the extra money doesn’t hurt either.

3.      We promote friendly competition

A team spirit is necessary for any effective sales force. But a bit of friendly rivalry never hurt anyone. At LinkNow, we use a variety of team and head-to-head games to encourage our sales staff to try to one-up. Of course, it’s all in good fun and backed by commission incentives. But using such short-term goals as “I’m going to generate more leads than Julie by the end of the day” helps keep the team motivated. The sales team sure seems to enjoy it.

4.      We create opportunities for learning and self-advancement

Ultimately, our office is a learning environment. Many members of our team come with little to no sales experience. And they might not start out with a knowledge of our products and services. But what they all possess is a desire to learn! Plus, it helps to have a management team that’s always ready to step in to take the lead on a difficult sale. We work together to level up!

To prepare them for the fast-paced world of sales, management uses an extensive training and orientation program designed to foster confidence and product knowledge.  They also create regular opportunities for the sales team to learn more about the online marketing industry. Lunch & Learn events are an office staple, and salespeople are frequent candidates for internal promotion. Upward mobility is the norm. At LinkNow, we nurture our staff, not burn them out.


Are you interested in joining the fun and dynamic sales team at LinkNow? Keep an eye out for any job openings and apply today!