Find Your Purpose at Workin 3 Steps by LinkNow Media Having a sense of purpose and direction in your work is one of the most important factors in determining how effective you will be as an employee. Much like companies have a mission and vision statement, a person needs to have a “declaration of purpose” that can easily be translated into the workplace. Here are 3 ways to jumpstart your declaration of self purpose.

Get Inspired

It is important to understand how your work affects the company as a whole in order to figure out a purpose that inspires you. Finding this individual purpose will help inspire a sense of self-worth, and help you avoid the transactional feeling that often comes with working in a large organization. Focus on your individual work and how it aligns with the companies goals and aspirations. It is important to ask yourself what you are doing, and why are you doing it before you can actually define your purpose.

Outline Your Goals

It is important to look to the future and understand where you are heading from a professional standpoint. Set short term goals first, then keep moving forward until you have set long term goals that will take years to achieve. This can create a timeline for personal growth either within your current company and beyond. If you are really looking to stay with the same company, be sure to align your goals strategically with the goals of the company to assure maximal personal growth.

Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

We often feel uncomfortable setting goals for ourselves that we are worried we can’t live up to. When you’re thinking of your future: be bold. Get out of your comfort zone, go beyond your current job description, and push yourself to see your fullest potential. Be sure to examine your personal strengths and weaknesses, but don’t let weaknesses stand in the way of your ultimate goals. If you find a personal pain point, incorporate into your plan a few steps you can take to develop these areas.


Having a personal purpose in the workplace can bring new light into your career. It can help you grow, excel, and flourish a company. The hard part is defining that purpose, and what it really means to you as an employee. Before defining your purpose, examine yourself honestly, and then figure out where you can see yourself down the line.