Working from home in these pandemic times has been a challenging experience, to say the least. If you’ve just scored a new job in a remote position, first off: congratulations! But now that your first day on the job is swiftly approaching, how should you prepare for your first day at the “office”? In this  blog post, you’ll learn a few techniques to prepare for success and get the hang of the WFH workflow.

Prepare for a Different Kind of Orientation

Since you can’t strut into the office on day one and dazzle everyone with your lovely personality, you’ll have to find other ways to introduce yourself in a virtual setting. You can expect your supervisor to take you under their wing for the day, where they will show you the ropes and probably give you a few reference documents to save in your bookmarks toolbar. From there, it will only be a matter of time until the first video call with your team, where you’ll meet everyone and get to introduce yourself.

Understand What Your Responsibilities Are

At first, there will be some leeway in terms of your productivity, but soon enough, you will be expected to reach the same level of productivity your experienced co-workers do every day. This is where you should constantly review the reference documents they sent you initially. Make sure to look them over until you know your requirements like the back of your hand. This will be the key to your early success in your new position.

When in Doubt, Ask More Questions

Working from home can be isolating. That means it can be easy to withdraw into yourself and not reach out when you need help, but you will need to fight your introvert urges. Contrary to what the devil on your shoulder is saying, nobody will be annoyed by your asking questions. Everyone on your new team has a stake in your success because the success of your department depends on quality work. If the only thing in your doing better work is asking a question – fire away!

Stay Neutral

At first, it is important to stay as neutral and professional as possible. Since you won’t be able to have lunch with everyone on your first day where you’d impress them all with your golden wit, you’ll have to do it instead slowly. It may take a while, sometimes as long as a few months, to get in the groove, so don’t worry – it’s normal. Eventually, you will get to know where you stand with your team, and once you do, you’ll be all settled in.

Learn How Your Team Communicates

Understanding how to use the main communication avenues your team uses is important. This is critical for work purposes and getting to know your team. Don’t be afraid to engage with conversations that are happening. Remember, you are part of the team now! If you plan on staying a while, you’ll have to get into the mix.

Set Your Space Up for Success

Finally, make sure your at-home workstation is comfortable and efficient for the job at hand. As we all know by now, a clean work-from-home space is essential for success. When your room is clean, there are fewer distractions, and you can focus on the tasks you need to complete. By following this simple guide, you should integrate into your new remote position without issue. Just remember, when working from home, communication is key. Don’t shut yourself by not asking questions – reach out for help, and you’ll make the process a whole lot easier for yourself.

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