A business is nothing without the people that hold it together and, at LinkNow Media, we have a lot of glue! It’s always fun to get insight into what someone’s day at work might be like, especially when they are doing a different job than you. So, we put the word out and received some great responses!

The Work Day

Max Karpman would like you to think that he gets up at the crack of dawn to do some exercise, but that would be a lie. In fact, he wakes up at 8:30 to a cat sleeping on his belly. So instead of exercising, the most important task of the morning is of course feeding his cat. Specifically, she gets an extra classy version of Fancy Feast that the groomer says is McDonald’s for cats. But in Max’s words…YOLO.

After crawling into the shower to jolt his brain into action, Max hops into his car and makes it to work.

He is never ever late.

At work, Max’s desk could be described as the messy desk of an eight-year-old, but to him it’s a meticulous layout of toys, garden gnomes and fake food that doubles as squishy stress balls. It’s organized, in that it is all planned perfectly so that every toy is immediately reachable.

Just don’t tell him to put his toys away, or he’ll be sad and grouchy for weeks.

When it comes time to work, Max’s main job is verification calls. When someone buys a website from LinkNow Media, his job is to hop on the line with them and confirm everything. Their address, name, phone number, what they do and what they’ve purchased…everything! This way when the file makes it to the next department everyone is on the same page. Going through emails and making sure people reaching out have their questions answered is another task on his to-do list.

Max was never hired to be a clown, but he’s great at it and has taken it upon himself to act as a court jester of sorts. A goofball who likes to make people in the office laugh and smile…just don’t try to beat his Mario Kart score!

Appreciative of the games in the breakroom, he has also become the resident Nintendo expert and Mario Kart champion. He spends his breaks making sure all his records are impossible for his co-workers to break. For real. He has three-starred all of 200CC at work. Now that’s dedication—especially to have accomplished all this while at work!

But it’s not all fun and games. Max’s day can be ruined very easily, as he is a self-proclaimed “delicate little snowflake”. No more Fruit Loops? Day ruined. Too cold? Ruined. Too hot? Ruined. Computer taking too long to load a page? Day SUPER ruined.

Just thinking about what ruins his day results in ruin because of the negativity.

The Support System

But, Max is still excited to come back to the office every day. Simply, because he wants to be the best verification officer ever (*insert Pokemon theme song here*).

When it comes to co-workers, Max loves a lot of things about his. He thinks that Garrett’s smile and winning attitude are his favourite. Not to mention how he thinks Lucas is basically, “a less furry version of Tigger from Winnie The Poo”.

Pranks are also a plus—especially pranking Paige, one of the floor managers. Not only has she been handcuffed to her desk, but another time Max helped to instigate the levitation of her desk an extra five feet in the air so she couldn’t reach it without a step ladder!

In Closing

There’s a lot more that Max wants you to know about him. For instance, his cat’s name is Beatrix. Her nicknames are Bea, Tricky Beats and Beaskerwitz. His Birthday is next week (happy birthday Max!). One time he went to Venice, Italy for a school trip and covered himself in birdseed in the middle of Venice square which resulted in him also being covered in pigeons…and some unhappy teachers.

Those kids who stuck their tongues to a metal pole in the winter? Max was one of those. He proved his Mom right, and got a trip to the hospital.

Max’s three keys for success in a department of one:

“It would be a strict diet consisting of pizza bites, chocolate milk and chili cheese fries from Wendy’s. Oh, and a voice! You need a voice to do what I do! Sorry but the Little Mermaid could not do what I do.”