pingpongToday, PROFIT and Canadian Business unveiled their 28th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. LinkNow Media ranked 27 on the list with a five-year revenue growth of 2,755%. We also ranked as the 5th Fastest-Growing Company in Montreal, and the #1 Fastest-Growing Marketing & Media Company in Canada. As a relatively young business, established in 2009, we here at LinkNow are pretty excited about where we stand. The fact that nine out of 10 startups fail means what we’re doing is working. So, what are the characteristics that some of the best entrepreneurs possess? There is no denying that the current climate is right for an internet marketing and web design company, but could that be the only reason we’re a success? Is it possible that we showed up at the right time with the right service in the ideal industry? Or, is our success the result of something else? We believe that there is more to it than luck. Here are three reasons that we believe are the main contributors to our success:

We Strongly Encourage Interdepartmental Collaboration

LinkNow is an energetic place, and there is a lot of collaboration among departments. This type of alliance required a new environment, which is one of the major reasons why we decided to switch locations and move to a new office in June of 2015. Of course, we needed the extra real estate, but we also required a layout conducive to the way we work. When you step into our office, you won’t see anyone sitting at their computer all day long with their headphones on and their head buried behind the screen. Our new open floorplan has been a major asset in encouraging collaboration between employees. Although we have the ability to communicate through our computers and phones, it is more common to see members from our sales, SEO, and design departments gathering together face-to-face to bounce ideas off each other, ask questions, and solve problems. Each person brings a unique perspective to the table, and this is how some of our most innovative ideas are born and flourish. It is this kind of teamwork that keeps our business on the cutting edge.

We’ve Adopted the Promote from With-In Philosophy

A handful of employees here have worked at LinkNow since its inception. They’ve not only witnessed the company grow and evolve, but have developed and matured along with it. In a previous post, we’ve pointed at the fact that the new generation of workers is eclectic, diverse, and capable of wearing many hats, and our overall philosophy encourages employees to move to areas that peek their interest and offer an opportunity to excel. As new positions become available, we always look to the talent and skill of our current workers. We approach those who have expressed interest in looking for a new opportunity or challenge, and strongly encourage them to apply. Hiring internally has provided our company with a strong foundation, and a feeling of loyalty, family, and comradery.

We Give Back and Know How to Have Fun

We enjoy our work and we love helping our customers become successful online, and we have fun doing it! LinkNow is the type of environment where 15-minute breaks are punctuated by employees playing foosball, ping-pong, or Mario Kart. And the excitement doesn’t stop when work ends. Stick around after hours and there’ll be a crew playing computer games, or making plans for the weekend. Beyond the fun stuff, it’s always been our belief that companies should give back to the community. Even before our establishment was a success, we looked for ways to stay involved with charities and organizations that do benevolent work. Both giving back and having a good time keeps morale high and our workers passionate about the company and the work they do.

Final Words

We earned the opportunity to toot our own horn, and we totally went for it! Making the list has been such an honor, and we are thrilled to have been placed as number 27 on the 28th annual list of Fastest-Growing Companies in Canada. While we take this as a sign that our company is on the right track, we are always looking for new methods and better ways to serve our clients and keep our employees happy!  

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